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2020 was the year that highlighted the most powerful element in advertising – the truth, as Bill Bernbach, one of the most American advertising creative directors, says. I have discovered ads less focused on selling, making promises, or promoting benefits and more concerned with being authentic, and building relationships even from away, which matters over time.
During this pandemic period, the creatives had to make a critical decision to give up to normal ads and tailor their advertising to match the mood of the moment. They captured emotions and feelings of this period, they presented our real lives in houses, creating memorable ads that help lift their brands to new heights. Let’s see the most emotional ads that will last for long in our minds. 🙂

AppleCreativity goes on

What I liked the most: our creativity has no boundaries, whether it be drawing pictures on iPads, producing video content, dancing in front of a TV screen, simulating slipping on waves, or using FaceTime to share creative ideas. The ad pulls together found scenes of people both famous and unknown as they are in lockdown. I liked to see that Oprah delivers words of support to viewers on her #OprahTalks on Apple TV and the overall optimism of this video.

Burger King
Stay Home of the Whopper

What I liked the most: its funny allusion to wartime: “Your country needs you… to stay on your couch and order in” while you can see a man who lazes on the sofa. The spot is a call to arms for the fans who are invited to stay home as ‘couch po-ta-triots,’ and to do their part to save their community by having their food delivered directly to them by Burger King. To encourage them to do so, Burger King is donating all delivery fees on orders over $10 to The American Nurses Foundation. I like the balance between the funny part and the good deeds for the community.

FacebookWe’re never lost if we can find each other

What I liked the most: the emphasis on the importance of connecting with friends, family, and the community during the COVID-19 crisis. The real content from around the world shows the realities of the pandemic and the efforts surrounding it. Also, the background voice that belongs to the British poet Kate Tempest, who recites her 2019 poetic song “People Faces” is very emotional. Facebook wear human clothes and shows its consumers that it cares, making the brand feel like their friend.

DoveCourage is Beautiful

What I liked the most: the coherence of communication even in an atypical context. Doves used to show us people’s faces as they are, regardless of beautiful patterns, race, or age. Because this is the natural beauty. Now the courage is the new beauty. This ad is worth it through its simplicity, showing the faces of nurses and doctors marked by the protective mask they must wear every day. I was impressed by the emotional photos and by the idea that you can do something to change this reality: buy Dove products and donate to Direct Relief, to care for front-line health in the US.

UberThank you for not Riding

What I liked the most: the emphasis on people’s health, on supporting healthcare workers, and not on sales. It’s rare for a brand to thank its customers for no longer using their service but Uber spot does that. And more than that. Uber, with the help of its drivers, couriers, and restaurant partners, has committed to providing over 10 million free rides and food deliveries to healthcare workers, seniors, and people in need all around the world.

IKEAYour house has something to tell you

What I liked the most: the invitation to spending more time at home in order to discover its secret messages. We associate pandemic with our homes and with the IKEA brand. And the brand is here, following a coherent line in communication. The spot encourages people to see their homes from a new perspective and challenges them to view it as a place where new experiences can be enjoyed together.

HyundaiWhen we get out

What I liked the most: the positive part of this pandemic if we can call it that. The lockdown, as a result of COVID-19, has led the path for wild animals to show up in our cities and counties. Pollution has decreased. When we get out, let’s build a new world, driving eco cars.

McDonald’s – Still the Same

What I liked the most: the emphasis on permanence, on assuring people that some good things remain unchanged in changing times. Despite the social distancing, we still eat the same food, we still date, we still find ways to say: Thank you! The final message makes you feel part of a community, you will not overcome pandemic alone.

Porsche Ease Temptation. Stay Home.

What I liked the most: the idea to stay home, more powerful than any commercial interest. Porche, like Uber, outlines that despite the beautiful weather, empty roads, and the fact of having dream cars, the conditions are not favorable for rides or leaving the house. This campaign also encouraged Porsche owners to share photos of their cars parked in garages. In this way, it was able to make sure that they comply with all safety recommendations.

BabyshopA World We Deserve

What I liked the most: the emotions of the most resilient public, the children, and how they perceived this pandemic. The lessons that they will remember, the skills learned during this period will help them and us in the future. Children see the world so clearly. The beauty of it. The possibility of it – even in the middle of uncertainty. We have to stop and ask them. Learning from what our children remember of these times can help us build a world we all deserve, as Adsofbrands says.

For me, this is the most emotional and thoughtful ad of 2020. 🙂

Which one of these emotional videos will you remember next year?

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