2020 wasn’t at all a bad year. Despite the pandemic restrictions, it was perhaps the reason we needed to start things we wanted so much. For me, 2020 was the year I reflected more on what I like to do, the year in which I overcame some fears, and the year in which I worked more with being aware and managing my emotions. It was like a lesson whose teachings I will surely use in the years to come. So, let’s see the good part of 2020.

I’m so grateful for…

… spending more and quality time with my child. I have learned more about patience and about mentorship. We creatively have spent more time, working on crafts, and building Lego. Now we are more closed, we know what makes happy each of us and we are smiling more and more…

… I have finished reading Michelle Obama’s book, for me, it’s leadership and ambition to do good deeds book. Next on my list? A desired book from the same family 🙂 The Promised Land – an invitation from Barack Obama to make your voice heard and to do everything in your power to change the world for the better.

… I have finished reading more personal development books and I have learned more about passing through difficult situations.

… (re)learning to ride a bike, after a long period of fears that I have lost this skill.

… starting to write again here, on my blog, and tell you my professional and personal thoughts.

… learning to be my time manager. I feel that remote work allows me to improve work performance and quality of my tasks.

… improving my remotely communication skills, and trying to convey emotions to people by writing.

… learning to breathe, to enjoy breakfast, and not to run after subways.

… enjoying the sun and breaks when I need to find my inspiration.

… spending more holidays than in 2019, I have discovered more about my country and I have achieved a more relaxing mood.

… solving my sleep problem and now I feel like a new person. 🙂

… learning to listen more, to empathize, to think also from the perspective of colleagues, friends, parents.

… dicovering the magic power of communication in tight situations.

… paying more attention to weight and what I eat.

… exercising my cooking passion for relaxing in some busy working periods. And I have delivered more and more lunches and sweets. 🙂

2021, what to look forward to?

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